Transam Bicycle Trip, 2005

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

It's sooo much faster than walking.

Have you been training?

No. It's gonna hurt.

How will you stay in touch?

I will be calling home daily by pay phone. I will also do everything I can to update the map page with my location at the end of each day. I will either use inetnet cafés, or call someone and have them update it. I may even post to my blog.

How did you make that cool map thingy?

Thank Google for that. Google released its map technology for general use a couple months ago, and I have adopted it for my little adventure. Click on the dots to see a balloon with short entries at each location.

Why don't the dots on the map lay on the line?

There is one line on the map, which is there to remind me where California is. The additional tear drop shapes are the locations of my daily progress, and they don't get a line. I may add a line to them some day to satisfy those who require connected dots.

Why doesn't the map work?

I dunno. I only tested it on Firefox and Internet Explorer, and only on Linux and Windows. It is quite possible that it won't work on old browsers, or obscure ones. If you're having a problem, it may also be temporary.

Has anyone else done something like this?

Yup. A bunch of people have bicycled across the country. Many of them have journals on My trip is unique in the fact that I am attempting to maintain a web page during the trip, and also in how much candy I ate before hand.

Why is this web page so brief?

I threw most of it together at the last minute. I will elaborate on my trip in great detail when I get to California.

What are you going to bring?

When I get to CA, I'll categorize this stuff and elaborate on what I used and what I didn't need.